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St. Jerome S.H.S In Abofour

Nuhu Trends is asking, was St. Jerome S.H.S a bitter pill for you to swallow and later became a blessing in disguise?

When we all started school from primary to secondary level, we had our choice of Senior High School. Everyone wants to be in one of the best schools, across the country.

As natives of Abofour, our dream was to travel and see. That mentality alone made us see St. Jerome Senior High School as an inferior school, which has no value to give.

My surprise is that the Gods of St. Jerome Senior High School are not that wicked, because natives from Abofour will curse themselves, if he or she has to go to St. Jerome Senior High School then they won’t go to school.

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Indeed if the Gods of St. Jerome Senior High School were that wicked, many of us would have turned to stones when we dare try to cross the school entrance even an inch. Thank God is a Catholic School and many of us are alive today.

I remember as a student of Adabiya Islamic School 2011 Class and also the second batches of The school, when we were about to write the final examination which is the B.E.C. E, none of us chose St. Jerome as our first choice. If they were, it will not be more than 2 percentage points of the class.

When the result came out, those of us who spoke ill about St. Jerome S.H.S, were not even qualified to get admitted there even if it was our first choice. The result of two-thirds got fucked up.

Advantageously some of us got admitted to St. Jerome S.H.S, a school we hated all our life but later it became a dream come true because we had no choice. That’s why I said the Gods of St. Jerome are merciful.

Yes, St. Jerome Senior High School will not give you an automatic ticket to heaven, not even the father can pray to give you that. Everything there is a process like every other school across the country, they will rather show you the way how to get that tickets.

What Nuhu Trends is trying to highlight is that you won’t get an automatic pass of your examination, not even the teachers can do that magic. They can only show you the way, the rest is hard work and determination.

As Kiana, a prominent Stocks trader, whom I admired a lot said we ain’t ugly, we just poor. St. Jerome is not ugly but it simply does not have the needed financial backing when we compared it to the crocodiles or the heavyweights across the country.

Finally, that perception about St. Jerome S.H.S must stop because now is the face of Abofour but that does not mean we shouldn’t talk if something got fucked up, Abofour is bigger than any school, I’m Nuhu the oldest child, and the youngest adult… Not the most brilliant in Abofour but the one who thinks beyond Abofour.

You can make it to the next level, if only you’re there with that purpose in mind. My regard to everyone in Abofour, and please if you have a story about Abofour to tell send it on WhatsApp at 0275035925 #Share, please

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