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Jackie Appiah Ghanaian Actress

Jackie Appiah goes on an expensive shopping spree in Italy

Actress Jackie Appiah

Mon, 20 Jun 2022Source: www.ghanaweb.com
Actress Jackie Appiah in May this year disclosed that she is addicted to shopping, a behaviour she has tried to control but always ends up buying expensive items anytime she travels.

Jackie’s compulsive buying disorder keeps her entertained no wonder she recently took a flight to Italy for a shopping spree that has got her colleagues and fans once again talking about her lavish lifestyle.

The actress has got a taste for designer brands and over the years has earned the tag as a ‘slaylebrity’ who invests thousands of dollars into her physical outlook right from buying designer dresses, bags, sneakers, heels, and watches.

In the video published on her Instagram page on Monday, she brought her 9.4 million followers up to speed on how she spent her day in Italy.

From satisfying her cravings at Bistrot Bertarelli to buying items from Jimmy Choo, Boyy, Dior, Fendi, and Celine stores. The actress got a number of her followers wishing they were privileged like her to buy all the finest things in the world.

According to Jackie, she has paid her dues by working hard to afford her extravagant lifestyle which most people ‘envy’.

“I don’t pressure anyone, I worked for it. It didn’t come easy. I have used many years to get to where I have gotten to right now…I get entertained by travelling. Reasons why I love travelling. It makes me happy…I love looking at beautiful places, beautiful views, nice hotels, and shopping. All these things make me excited. I always feel relaxed when I travel,” the award-winning actress stated in an interview with Hammer Nti in May 2022.

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