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After the controversy, I raised with my last blog post, Hon. Sumaila Zakari came to my aid he said, please brothers let’s not border ourselves so much with the blogger because their headlines will deceive you and in other words, he’s entitled to his opinion.

Later the conversation turned to Abofour must get his share of the market revenues or earnings. Nuhu Trends asked him, Hon. Abofour must get the share of the market revenues.

Hon. Sumaila Zakari replies, because of these issues, as PM, I have made sure all Zonal Councils within Offinso Municipal are working again. I must be frank with you the Zonal Council Chairman is working very hard on that and he must be commended.

The Assembly has selected some revenue items for the Council to collect and at the end of the day, 50% percent will remain at the Zone and 50% percent to the Assembly. Previously, the Zonal Council wasn’t working, that’s why the Zonal Council Structure is in a bad state.

Alhaji the founder of Concern Zongo Youth and also the owner of Alhaji phone and accessories located at the Last Two Electrical Shop, also asked Good Course Hon. Pm but our interest is in the market?

Hon. Replies for the market, Unless we get District other than that it will be impossible for Abofour to own it. Alhaji again so as far the Council is given 50% percent of the revenue, the market too must give Abofoman 50% percent let us push hard for Abofoman.

I must say I was impressed by his response we need leaders with the town at heart and God bless Abofoman.

Writer Abu Nuhu the Oldest Child And The Youngest Adult, kindly share, please.

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