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This video is trending on all platforms especially WhatsApp, the video is about some Senior High School students in Ghana doing the unthinkable thing.

The video is the true definition of what is going on, in our various Senior High Schools. Immorality has appropriated all our learning institutions in Ghana.

Senior High Schools in Ghana the land of gold is free, parents do not pay fees something which is widely regarded as a good policy by the government.

And embrace it as a blessing for every parent but now they are getting another cost which is not in a monetary form.

they are rather paying high price on the bad influence the kids are getting from their respective schools.

The Ghana educational system is now in crisis if these are the kind of future leaders we are training then the country has no future .

You can watch the full video below, please kindly like and comment,

SHS Students Doing The Unthinkable

The Oldest Child And The Youngest Adult Nuhu, Be Blessed For Reading.

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