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Director of Delamore And Owl Group Of Companies Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Wrote On His Facebook Wall, The US And Uk Posturing Against Russia Is Also A Direct Message For Beijing.

US & U.K. posturing on Ukraine against Russia is also a message crafted for Beijing and what the western leaders think Beijing’s ambitions are for Asia. This is an interesting geopolitical mind F&&K phase that we have entered, and I am eager to see how this strategy will play out over time.

The narrative that Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent and is indeed a risky counter-strategy, and I am assuming that it has been carefully constructed as a way to buy insurance protection from any potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia or the Russian President’s attempt to possibly integrate parts of the conflicted area with Russia.

I am not sure if Russia will indeed invade Ukraine. Quite frankly, it is a very high-risk strategy with no real benefit to Russia. But then I can’t claim to know the mind of the Russian President. Unless the strategy is to get Russia to somehow invade Ukraine? Whatever the strategy or thinking might be, my point is not to analyze the thought process. The point I am trying to make is.

In all this mind f&&k, what I am seeing is, a lot of people with below-average intelligence and wisdom make decisions that will have long-term implications on the collective human society. It is quite unfortunate that we continue to be led by people with egos taller than mountain Everest because of a lack of intelligence and wisdom.

These so-called leaders end up causing long-term trauma to the human psyche, and the collective society ends up going backward. I would love to say, it’s not my business, but I also care deeply about my fellow humans regardless of their background. And I am getting quite tired of watching leaders in office and their advisers make below-average decisions and imposing consequences of those decisions on the larger population.

Leaders derive their power and authority from people, but for some reason instead of serving the interest of people, they end up serving their ego and their small group friends. Whether we live in a democracy or a dictatorship, average people always end up holding the shorter end of the stick. And this has to change.

I am quite eager to learn what the strategists are thinking, but I am also appalled by the low quality of their thought processes. Instead of solving problems, we are quite good at creating more problems for ourselves. That’s why I am convinced that we are our own biggest enemy.

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