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Can this be iPhone 14 design

There is a video circulating online across the world, about a phone which looks like the modern design of the iPhone 14.

Many people are doubting the purported phone to be iPhone 14 but some belief including me because we know what the wonder phone maker can do as far as technology development is concerned.

The phone looks like the new foldable phone in the market, like the ones which were made by Samsung and Huawei electronic.

The luxurious phone maker Usually doesn’t release their year flagship phone design early in January, or they will have released a statement, held a press conference to inform the public especially the investors.

Apple the first three trillion-dollar company in the world will not lose this opportunity to promote the successor of the iPhone 13 and pro-Max series because the iPhone lovers are waiting to get the good news.

It could be the new iPhone 14 if you still believe Apple can’t disappoint you and they are always ready to give us nothing but the best Smartphone every year.

You can watch the video so that, everything will be clearer to you,

And some lovely pictures of the phone is below too

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