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Salifu Ibrahim, Hearts Of Oak Player

Abofour who is the next Salifu Ibrahim? A question worth thousand answers.

Salifu Ibrahim is a native of Abofour, he is widely known as Di Maria across every corner of the town, if you don’t know him then you’re not part of Abofour football history.

Salifu Ibrahim plays for one of the two Crocodile clubs in Ghana 🇬🇭 the Accra Hearts Of Oak, from Techiman Eleven Wonders to the capital club. Indeed the heart star is a play-maker.

He is a clear example of Abofour’s talent that shouldn’t be wasted, Salifu has proved Abofour indeed got the talent to boasts. What they need is a hard push and support, meaning financial and personalized coaching?

Talking about talent in Abofour Is like saying the Sea or Ocean is full of fish, there is nothing new about it because is widely known information that shouldn’t be told.

Talent in Abofour should not be wasted, these are some of the few talents following Salifu Ibrahim‘s footsteps, what they need is full support, not Skin Pain, they are, Willy, Agyenim or Chamberlain, Bravo, Malouda, Keita, Akoto, Benzema, my lovely brother Ayuba who never seize to make me laugh is also a talent and many more that can take more than 10 webpages to list.

There is no need to use sugar-coated words to describe them, indeed If given the opportunity they can prove everyone wrong, we can boast about talents in Abofour because we got it.

When I say Skin Pain, I mean those with naked hate, these are people who think everything about Abofour should be them not you or me. Every project in Abofour must have their face painted on it because they love Abofour more than everyone.

They will read this blog article and still have problems with it because they were not the ones who wrote it. I was told, I behave like the smartest person in Abofour Meanwhile I work with a Jamilu The Chichinga Or Kibab Seller At The Junction In Abofour. Don’t I need financial support to promote my blog? I spend not less than 700 Cedis to create this blog. Jamilu is like a brother to me, he trusts me more than some of his family members. Anyway, that’s a personal Issue don’t be annoyed.

Who is the next Salifu Ibrahim? That’s why I said is worth a thousand answers because of our attitude in Abofour. You will still get someone full of talent but hate Salifu because is not him or his brother.

Abofour needs a more well-known personality like Opele, who is always ready to support through community Gala Tournament to promote talents in our beloved town Abofour. Nana, I know you’re ready to organize it again without looking at how the last one ended sadly.

Many will hate him because he is making money out of it without looking at the positive aspect, that’s Abofour biggest problem.

We must drain the swamp out of Abofour to get the clean drainage, I mean our Attitude must be clean with no fake love. Not necessarily mean the real drainage we got to be a bit brofosem.

Long live Abofour together we can make it to the highest level, there should be no fake love, everything shouldn’t be for the highest bidder but those with a penny can also make it.

Writer: Abu Nuhu The Oldest Child And The Youngest Adult, If You Like Kindly Share For Me.

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