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The American Diversity Lottery Card is known as Green Card, The Green Card Lottery The easiest way to get a Green Card is through the Green Card Lottery. The United States Department of State gives down Green Cards through the Diversity Visa Program every time.

Indeed through a fair amount of luck is demanded, this path is the most available to those looking to make their dream of living in the USA come true. People in each sharing country have a fair chance to win since no country receives further than 7 of the total Leafage Cards.

Getting one of these largely sought-after inhabitant permits through the Green Card Lottery is easy. All you must do is apply to partake in the delineation that takes place every time.

The American Dream is the largest Leafage Card consulting agency worldwide and provides a wide range of comprehensive services, especially in all matters concerning the Green Card Lottery. In case you are one of the periodic lucky winners, you have the right to apply for a Green Card and emigrate to the USA.

The best tips for the operation Consorts and unattached children under the age of 21 automatically admit a Green Card when they are included in the operation without any waiting time!

Consorts of winners in a same-commerce marriage automatically admit a Green Card if the marriage is legal under United Constitution.

The Green Card gives you permanent resident status to live in the United State of America, The greatest country in the world.

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