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One year ago history was made then-senator Kamala Harris became the first woman to be inaugurated as Vice President, was the first woman of color an African-American and Indian heritage to hold that office.

This week both President Joe Biden and vice president Kamala celebrated their one year in office. It was celebrated by many in the United States and Across the world.

They inherited a country that is highly divided than any period in American political history, which has shown no signs of healing.

The coronavirus was already ravaging in the country during former President Donald Trump’s regime, they pledge to have everyone vaccinated against the covid 19 virus and were able to achieved that.

Biden Harris biggest achievements so far are their two of many bills which was able to passed in congress including the big infrustructure spending bill aimed to modernise America roads and bridges.

They both have the second lowers approval rating in America entire political history, which is not a good sign for the first term President and his vice Kamala Harris.

You can watch the first-anniversary journey in the video below, kindly like and share.

Kamala Harris first Anniversary video

The Oldest Child And The Youngest Adult Nuhu Love you all.

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