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The CEO Of Delamore Group Of Companies wrote on his facebook wall, I know I will die one day knowing that I was created in a heaven called Earth where I lived among the heavenly beings. I lived in peace and tried my best to live enough. I didn’t have to believe in miracles because I was living inside a miracle called “ the Universe “, and my own creation was nothing short of a miracle. Living was a spectacular experience, probably the best experience one could ever have. I experienced joy, pleasure, failure, success, hurt, pain, love, deceit and everything else that comes with living. My true was home was always nature, an experiment within an experiment, I came out of it, and at times I lived as if everything was made just for me.

The universal laws of existence made by existence possible, and the same laws also guarantee my non existence. I was a possibility stored inside an egg carried by my mother. And it is chance and probability that helped make my existence a reality. My genetic code contained 6 billion letters and with estimated 40 trillion cells, I was made of 60 zettabytes of information. Life tends to be a consumer of energy, so it takes more than it can give.

I was not only able to experience my own living but also observe nature and the universe live through me. Perhaps a reality creating another reality to make itself real. In the end, my living was never about my legacy or success, or my story, because I know all will be forgotten over time. Just as Nitrifying bacteria , a microorganism that helps keep the soil fertile perhaps without ever getting to know its role, or the stars that burns bright to give life a chance but probably not knowing, what it is that it is meant to do, perhaps I also played a role without knowing, what it was that I was to do. And that is the beauty of the design. By not knowing much, the quest made my living more interesting.

Sanjeev Kumar

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