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The United Nations (UN) Eminent Peace Ambassador and the Country Director for International Association of World Peace Lawyers, Ghana Chapter, Dr. Samuel Owusu has prompted the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to reduce his payment and cut down certain boons.

He has also advised political leaders, including Ministers of State, Members of Parliament to willingly reduce their hires and review certain boons offered them.

That, he said will encourage the public to accept theE-Levy and pay it willingly.

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, who blazoned the preface of theE-Levy said it’ll be used to shoulder experimental systems, adding that the duty will widen the duty net and rope in the informal sector.

He added that electronic deals covering mobile plutocrat payments, bank transfers, trafficker payments, and inward remittances will be charged at an applicable rate of1.75, which shall be borne by the sender except for inward remittances, which will be borne by the philanthropist.

Ever since the E-levy was mentioned, utmost Ghanaians have spoken against it, and have expressed solicitude over the duty.

The opposition has also refused to accept it for its passage, saying the duty is a nuisance and so it’ll burden the ordinary Ghanaian.

Speaking with the media, Dr. Samuel Owusu, said he’s not against the E-levy but he believed that people will be encouraged to accept it if the President and all other leaders cut down their hires and allowances.

“ Mr. President and Ministers of State, I’m appealing to you to look at how the President of Ukraine is leading his country.

Still, will it not help the country? Will it not encourage the youth to embrace it, but at the time we’re asking for the E-levy, “If you had reduced your hires and allowances at the time you introduced theE-Levy.

Dr. Samuel Owusu added “ We’re appealing to our leaders to suspend certain things. However, it’ll help you, If you hear what I’m saying.

“It’ll be prudent to hear that the President’s energy allowances and that of the Ministers have been cut at the forthcoming 65th Independence Day festivity, Per diem has been canceled and you’ll see how Ghanaians will hail you.

“You’ll see how Ghanaians will hail you when they hear that you have cut down on hires by 20 or 30 percent,” he said.

He continued, “ The President can say that because we want the country to develop and we want to do effects with our plutocrat, I’m bringing this or that, the Ministers are also bringing theirs, leadership by illustration. Let us start with the leaders and this will boost the confidence in the people.”

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