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The question which is the mind of many In Abofour is, are the municipal authorities in Offinso Trying to rob Abofour to pay Offinso?

They are asking this question because just recently, some lovely boys and girls are seen all over the streets and corners of Abofour in the name of revenue collectors. They are collecting the revenue from our mothers, sisters, and every other person that sells.

The explanation we got from many sources privy with the new directives initiated by the local authorities is that Abofour needs significant development. And The revenues will be used for the betterment of Abofour.

Indeed Abofour is behind when it comes to development which is very true with no doubt, but what the authorities have failed to understand Is that the Abofour market generates a huge sum of money for the municipal authorities of the offinso South.

The real question is, what have they used the hundreds of millions Cedis which has been generated in our beloved market the pride of Abofour? Or are they trying to say Abofour does not have a share in that revenue?

Due to that, they must at all costs introduce a new form of revenue mobilization, and the natives of Abofour must comply because they desperately needs development.

The municipal authorities since time in memorials have collected a significant amount of money from the Abofour market but no single project can be attributed to the money they have obtained from our poor mothers and sisters.

Abofour health center is like a Poultry Farm, there is nothing to show off about this clinic which was supposed to boost health delivery in Abofour and its surrounding villages. Meanwhile, the local authorities, collect revenue every week with nothing to show.

As we always say the dark side of gold is real, If the authorities want the people of Abofour to trust them, show working no copy and paste. They should point a single project initiated by them with the tax from our market every Thursday, Abofour indeed needs development but some questions need answers.

God bless Abofour, writer Abu Nuhu The Oldest Child And The youngest Adult kindly like and share.

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