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The Endless Journey of Abofour To Be A District Is On High Alert ⚠️ .

Writer; Abu Nuhu…

To start with, Abofour which is the second-largest town in the Offinso Municipality behind the Offinso township Is fighting for its freedom and to be self-rule.

The struggle of Abofour to be a self-rule is the ultimate thing every under-represented town will do but in the case of Abofour Nuhu Trends has observed something very heartbreaking and sad.

Last week Thursday was the burial of the late Offinso Hene the custodian of the land. There was a widespread report on every angle of the town which seek to suggest the leadership or the kingmakers of Abofour were on a rampage to catch every Goat and Sheep roaming outside.

Meanwhile our brother’s town like koforidua, Abrokyire, Sanproso, and Kayera Goat and Sheep we’re moving freely everywhere like as if they are in no man’s land. These are small towns a few miles away from the Offinso township when compare with Abofour. Or are we trying to say those towns don’t have leaders?

I was shocked and disappointed to see this development and these are leaders shouting Abofour needs a District or Self Rule. Even in slavery, you’re stealing from the poor then I wonder if they get autonomous power from the creation of a District impunity is going to be a word of the day or to sleep with people’s wives.

Getting District will not cut Abofour from the Offinso Royalty but since you have the will to be a self-rule town, you must begin to take unilateral decisions to prove them wrong. Meaning when given the chance to be self-reliant you can do the job better than them.

Imagine walking in the street of Abofour without getting water or food to buy, unfortunately, this is what happened last week Thursday because the late Offinso Hene was going to his final resting place. I don’t have a problem showing respect to the late king but some people here were abusing their power.

I wonder If they were looking forward to a gold medal from the Offinso Royalty. If Abofour needs a District we must throw the stone age mentality outside the windows then they will see us angry like Tigers fighting until we see the last man standing.

Someone may ask, What’s the connection between District and king-makers, yes when Abofour becomes a District is the Assembly that will take decisions but they will need the support of the king-makers because the lands of Abofour Belongs To them and they will be part of the decision.

Abu Nuhu is entitled to his own opinion and does not represent the view of any group in Abofour or outside. Kindly share if you agree with me thank you.

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