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Apple’s latest entry-level computer offers a plethora of features and design tweaks over its previous generation of MacBook Pro computers, including an ultra-wide display and superior performance at the price point of less than $100. However, this new model has been met with mixed reactions from users. The fact that Mac laptops are not cheap or easy to use is something we all want to be able to be free of. While there is no denying that Mac laptops have come a long way in terms of usability, many people still want more for their investment or as a result of the “joke” they had about them before their arrival. But what can you expect when buying one? Below we take you through five things every apple mac laptop fan must know.

1) They run on battery and power it up and go wirelessly in seconds

When it comes to Apple laptops, they are always connected to an external device by a USB port. This means that you can charge your iPhone and watch movies at super quick speeds thanks to wireless technology. So once again, since Apple knows how to make the most out of their devices, let’s move on to the next matter.

2) There are tons of options for different storage capacities for the same amount of money

Apple laptops were introduced at the end of 2017. Even though the company had launched the initial version of the iPad Air at that time, nothing much had been done in terms of designing a notebook. Thankfully, the company did get into making a few changes to look towards its original specifications. Not only has Apple redesigned the physical appearance of the first iteration of the products but also changed the size of one of its batteries. It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing a 1kg MacBook Pro (2020) or 1kg 2020 MacBook Air (2020). What matters is that you will always find more space for your content. A lot of the Apple devices you see today are actually from the previous generations. Thus, you get a little bit of a better experience even with the newer versions. Some of these devices are even smaller than the previous generations of similar models.

3) The new version boasts more processing power and performance

There has never been any other form of hardware since the discovery of silicon. All electronic devices now employ some sort of artificial intelligence that makes decisions. This includes smartphones and tablets. As mentioned previously, Apple laptops came with a high spec Intel Celeron processor which was capable of running multiple programs simultaneously and running the majority of applications. With the addition of two Cores, the CPU was also improved immensely from the older Celeron processors. Today, due to various factors such as improvements in GPU, better integration of graphics, and more so CPU performance, Apple laptops run on the newest version of Apple chips. MacBook Air (2020) could perform tasks like multitasking, rendering apps, rendering animations, and more using almost 90% of the available cores. This has led to increased performance in terms of speed in comparison to the previous generations of MacBook laptops. The biggest thing to keep in mind in Apple laptop computers is always to keep up with the latest and greatest tech.

4) They are portable and portable too!

While you might think that Apple laptops don’t work well in every environment, some are so portable that they are used by professionals, students, and even the everyday user. Whether it is because the materials they used and their internal components are very durable, the materials are very stable and even because of having the same memory capacity for everything. Most importantly, the screen size of the Mac laptops is pretty good. There has never been a problem where it runs on full HD displays. Even older generations of Apple laptops would have lasted just fine with 1080p monitors. When speaking in the context of big screens, they would get stuck because they didn’t have enough pixels. Nowadays, you can buy the modern MacBook Air or MacBook Air (2020) which offer up to 3280 x 1600, 1920 x 1200 resolution displays. These screens could comfortably fit into the palm of hands.

Apple laptops are extremely versatile when it comes to functionality. From running Windows 10 to using iOS 11, macOS 12, and Android OS, they can be modified as per your needs and preferences. Apple laptops are not designed for the average citizen who loves the simplicity and convenience of operating them on regular browsers, but more than that, who love the freedom they enjoy while working on the best computers ever.

5) They have a lot more choices than normal

A Mac laptop is, unfortunately, an incomplete package. Everything from the configuration to the internals to the accessories is custom made for you. If you want to purchase one you will have a list on Apple stores, with hundreds of suggestions and recommendations. Once you decide on which model to pick, it shouldn’t be hard to determine which manufacturer you will get for it. For example, the old version of the MacBook (2020), is no longer supported anymore, and they are making huge efforts to support the current versions. Although you will still find some information regarding the warranty on the site of Apple laptops, you can also read reviews on Amazon, Best Buy, etc. and Apple laptops are pretty reliable. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are some top 5 points you should keep in mind to ensure that the Mac laptop you get will last you a whole decade.

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