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UK Energy Price Up

UK Drivers Pay More Than $128 to Fill Up Car With Diesel
by Bloomberg|Laura Hurst|Monday, June 13, 2022

The cost of filling up a standard car in the UK with diesel surpassed £105 ($128) for the first time, piling further pressure on Britons hit by a cost-of-living crisis.

The average price of diesel rose to a record 190.92 pence a liter on Sunday, while gasoline reached a high of 185.04 pence, according to data from motoring group RAC.

“The speed and scale of the increase is staggering,” RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said in a statement. “Incredibly, the government is now raking around £46 in tax from every full tank.”

Transport fuel prices have risen to all-time highs in Britain, the US and other countries around the world amid soaring energy costs. The price of oil has surged since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while a slew of sanctions on Russian energy have also exacerbated supply concerns.

Filling up a 55-liter family car with diesel costs £105.01, according to RAC data. The cost is £101.77 for gasoline.

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