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Abofour Youth For Development is a youth movement formed by the youths to accelerate the development of Abofour. Nuhu Trends I can confidently say this youth movement is the best thing to ever happened to Abofour and its people.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, Nuhu Trends I was walking on the roadside of our beloved town, and I saw Some lovely young boys and girls doing clean-up exercises, I was told they are Abofour Youth For Development. The ultimate goal of a town is having youths ready to fight for that town.

Abofour Youth For Development, Image Credit To Antwi Linford
Image, Credit to Antwi Linford

You can see the passion and the love they have for Abofoman, is not easy to see the youths of a town coming together to fight for a common goal or interest. But fortunately for Abofour, we got youths with passion and desire fighting for the bigger interest of the town, not some few people.

Abofoman the Abofour Youth For Development is indeed the solution for the town. What they need from you is support like helping them financially if you have it or taking part in every exercise which will be announced by the youth leaders that can put Abofour on the right path to prosperity.

The future of Abofour is in the hands of the youths, and Abofour Youth For Development is the way or the engine that can push Abofour to that destination. There is a say broom can’t be broken when they are together but when you take one out, it will break and this is very true. Coming together to fight for a common goal is indeed the solution.

Not just clean-up exercise Abofour is full of talents like football and some of them over years have been a waste, simply because they did not get the needed support. We can talk about Salifu Ibrahim, he was able to reach there but he still needs the support to cross Ghana’s border like what Salifu Mudasiru now at Sheriff Tiraspol in Moldova is getting from the youths of Offinso.

Also, let me talk about Baduba If I get the spelling correct, he has released a few songs and the new one is a banger. You may not like his music or the genre, but he should have been a star in Abofour if not nationally whether good music or not he needs the support of the youths. The guy has tried and is climbing a good tree we must push him, I have never talked to him before but I think he got a talent nobody can boast of in Abofour. If you disagree I dare you to release your noise not music and let’s see.

Abofour Youth For Development the above opinion can Put Abofour in the limelight both nationally and internationally, If these youths become financially independent they too can bring development for Abofoman.

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