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Abu Nuhu an underground blogger from Abofour is asking the so-called NPP gurus, What are the achievements of their beloved party in our noble town Abofour?

This may sound like an easy question but nobody in Abofour can answer not even the gurus of the elephant’s party. Because they have ruled Abofour since time immemorial but no one can pinpoint ongoing or finished projects that can be deemed as an achievement of NPP.

They were here two years ago shouting 4more for Nana and voting for Dr. Opoku for development but now what do we see nothing. And they will come again in 2024 with another slogan breaking the 8 without telling you what they are exactly coming to do for Abofour because in their minds we are mindless and dummies.

Nuhu trends my heart bleeds, when I see some people in Abofour still shouting NPP because of the little “nokofio” they will get without looking at the larger picture which is Abofour development.

I’m talking about NPP because NDC has never got the power to rule Abofour both the national government and parliamentary representation.

I’m not letting out, that you should not support NPP as a choice but you must also learn how to ask for development that’s the reason why we voted for Dr. Opoku to represent us in parliament. We don’t even know the kind of roadmap he has for Abofour and Offinso as a whole but I know after reading this article Dr. Opoku will do the right thing for Abofour

We are complaining immorality has become the new norm in Abofour, our sons are into ” wee smoking ” also known as “the king crop” and our lovely daughters are into Slaying to survive. Why are we blaming them there are no opportunities in Abofour to take advantage of it.

That’s why we must be grateful to the owners of Obaatanpa Nyame enterprise, Emmanuel supermarket, the private schools such as Samac Glorious Academy, Victory International, messiah International, Almasharaf, And most importantly the unknown guy who brought the ideas of pragyia to Abofour at least their decisions have employed some youths.

Unfortunately, we all can not apply for jobs there because they must cut expenditure to meet their profits targets. Meaning they too can run at loss. Anyway, this was just an individual appreciation👏👏👏.

Another sad thing was Abofour losing the right to own an ultra-modern market, do you think our market which is near Adabiya Islamic School in its current state was the initial design or architecture? The answer is a big no, the design was mind-blowing and heaven on earth.

Abofour health center is like a poultry farm, the truth hurt but that is the fact. The clinic should have been upgraded to a level that is acceptable to anyone who has basic human decency, the beautiful nurses and midwives deserve to work in a beautiful and well-equipped facility. Why must a resident from Abofour choose Adukro and SDA Hospital over our health center? Because they are doing something extraordinary that’s not practiced in our clinic.

To the NPP and their leadership in Offinso, our only hope now is Abofour getting a district, we are ready to take our destiny into our own hands. We also want to know the stance of NPP concerning this issue because we already know the stance of NDC. After all, they see it as a jackpot win for Abofour.

Some NPP folks in Abofour are shouting, we need district but they don’t even know the stance of their party. Ask your leaders to show you the roadmap if they even got one, if there is a political will they should prove to you guys with physical documents, not just words.

Abofour is no longer a village but realistically, we are a village. we lack all the things that will give us the automatic status of a Township, Abofour has come a long way heading to an unknown destination. We can only know about that destination If we begin to ask the leaders or policymakers some questions that will push them to the wall.

Some of you may disagree because you love Abofour more than me ironically, the last time I wrote about Abofour not ready to be a district period. It was just a clickbait title in blogging terms, I was vilified by some of my brothers and friends. Yes, It was a bit controversial but can’t we criticize our leaders if we disagree with them or when they fucked up?

But one sad thing that shocked me was one friend asked me, they didn’t do anything to you? That was the most ridiculous question, why must someone hurt me physically because of an article? Psychological I was hurt for not getting the needed support, Some agreed with me like Ishau well known as Amaya he was the last bodyguard standing. Anyway is part of blogging some are even sent to court for defamation.

Abofoman we must learn to ask for development because is the birthright of every town, write the problems of Abofour without insults or mentioning names and send it to me they will hear us. The hustle in Abofour is real, please don’t fake it, work hard and God will do the rest ” more blessings Guys “.

I’m Abu Nuhu the oldest child and the youngest adult if I see you physically and did not talk to you please forgive me that’s my biggest problem. Now learning how to build friendship but I can guard your girlfriend for you and nothing will happen 😀😀😀 the most innocent guy in Zongo.

I’m not the most brilliant in Abofour even the brain itself got a brain to take decisions thank you 👏👏👏 and please share by clicking the Facebook and WhatsApp icon below

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