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Young Ghanaian rapper, Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, popularly known as Yaw Tog, has disclosed in an interview that he has been battling some unknown forces and it’s someone among his friends.

In a 3News.com report, the young rapper claims to have experienced some setbacks in his musical career while attributing it to certain attacks from a ‘fake friend’.

“The person decided to fight me. I didn’t expect it. It was something that really hit me. It was a big blow for me, but I decided to stay calm, pray about it and make my music because I can’t fight the person,” he said.

Touching on his brief absence from the music scene, the artiste mentioned that he was experiencing so many obstacles, however, he is doing much better now as he readies to release his new album.

“I feel like, at that time, I was way too young for my kind of progress. I’ve been through a lot, but I’m okay now,” Yaw Tog confirmed.

Adding to the fact that he was faced with attacks, the member of the Asakaa group, noted that his experiences have helped to shape his spiritual life.

“I was young. I took things for granted. But now I’m growing and learning things. You need to go through different stages before you see them. I will say life is a journey. You have to meet different things so you can be solid.

“I have been praying since day one, but now it’s 10 times more. I’m always praying,” Yaw Tog concluded.

As one of the pioneers of Asakaa (Drill) music in Ghana, the young rapper quickly rose to fame and was one of the hottest artiste in 2021 and has since cemented his name in the Ghana Music Industry.

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