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A few years ago we saw the coming of Tricycle popularly known as Pragyia in the Abofour economy.

Many of us saw the emergence of Pragyia as an alternative to Taxi 🚕 in Abofour without knowing is coming to kill once the most lucrative sector of Abofour economy which is the Taxi 🚕 Business.

With all these negative impacts on the Abofour economy, Pragyia Or which is sometimes called Okada is now the biggest employer in Abofour.

The Pragyia business is now giving employees and riders a significant amount of returns, which is undoubtedly the best sector to invest In Abofour because the alternative is scary.

The sector has employed not less than 500 youths in Abofour and this shows how the Pragyia sector is booming, if it was the stock market we will call it the bull trend.

Talking about the importance of Pragyia on the Abofour economy, the leadership in Abofour must start to regulate the Pragyia business because most of the riders are reckless and with no respect to elderly people.

A few weeks ago, I was nearly killed by Pragyia and was very angry with the rider, when I tried to show him my frustration. He began to show me how foolish he is, most of them don’t know how to talk politely.

That’s why I’m suggesting the leadership of Abofour must start to regulate the business because the lucrative sector of Abofour economy shouldn’t be degraded or bastardized by some few people with an an-out-date mentality which has no place in the modern world.

Abofour can’t afford to lose this sector, even if is bad you can regulate it to make it better, that’s the good thing about regulation. God Bless all Pragyia owners, you guys are the employers, you guys know some of the youth does not have the mentality of farming which is undoubtedly the Cash machine for our fathers and mothers in Abofour.

Writer: Abu Nuhu The Oldest Child And The Youngest Adult, I’m not the smartest guy in Abofour but if you see me as a blogger you will always understand me .

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